Founder of Freddy Skin, Kelly.

Founded by Kelly.

Freddy Skincare is founded by a woman on mission to redefine the skincare industry. With her partner having a professional and personal background in health, wellness and beauty, together they designed a collection of products that are not only good for your skin, but good for your soul and good for the planet.

“Freddy, who?"

The story of Freddy is one I hold close to my heart. What started as a personal joke between two excited to-be parents, came to mean so much more. Freddy represented the beginning of a new journey, but one that was also accompanied by (unwelcome!) hormonal breakouts and skin troubles. The discovery of natural skincare products during this time offered transformative solutions and comfort and thus became the origin story for not only a beautiful new life, but for Freddy Skin. To us, Freddy is a testament to new life, new opportunities and renewed skin.


If there’s one thing we know at Freddy Skin is that self-care is something we all need more of. For many of us, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our ‘Who should I care about?’ list, and we can go days, even months, without giving ourselves even a few moments of self-care and self-love. At Freddy Skin, we don’t want to overcomplicate self-care, and we think it can be as simple as your night-time skincare routine. We’ve created products that are easy to use and ideal for anyone (else) who is guilty of skipping their self-care practices (we’re looking at you busy mummas!)